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Special Services

Design Services

If you are located near  THE MORSON COLLECTION'S showroom, our professional, experienced Design Associates can visit your home, measure any room, to your entire house, and prepare a floor plan, which will show you how your home, or office environment will appear prior to making your purchase with us free of charge.
If you live long distance, one or as many as needed Design Associates, will fly to your location, and take all the necessary measurements to prepare a floor plan which will show you how your home, or office environment will appear prior to making your purchase with us. For this service there is a required retainer fee, which is applicable towards the purchase. Please contact our Boston showroom at 1.866.806.9030

Technical order assistance Service

In some instances in this site, you will be prompted to call or e-mail our store to receive assistance on your order. This will particularly be the case when ordering wall units, wardrobes or special composible, modular systems, which require technical specifications and exact measurements. In these cases, similarly as above, the drawing out of a wall system will require a non refundable retainer fee, applicable to the purchase. A Design Associate will work with you until you have exactly what you require for your space, storage, display, entertainment, etc…

Warehouse and Storage Services

Once your merchandise arrives into our warehouse should you not be ready to accept delivery, due to ongoing home construction, etc… we will store the merchandise free of storage charges for a period of 30 days, just contact our customer service department at 1.866.806.9030. Note that balance due for merchandise is due and payable upon notification of the merchandise arrival into our warehouse.

To the Trade resource

This is a fully comprehensive trade guide and resource. All trade members are welcome and can set up an account via this website, which is approved within 48 hours. Once your account is set up, you will be emailed your account approval information including your account number. The Morson Collections' to the trade resource section of this website is a unique and valuable library of information which will enable you to access further technical specifications, create your own favorite folder, and individual folders per client presentation which you can download to your desktop.

Important every day facts to know

To Convert

inches to centimeters
multiply by 2.54

(i.e. 30" x 2.54 = 76.2 cm.)

centimeters to inches
divide by 2.54

(i.e. 100 cm. divided by 2.54 = 39.3")

1 meter = 100 cm.

(i.e. 3.5 meters = 350 centimeters)

1 centimeter = 10 mm.

(i.e. 5 centimeters = 50 millimeters)

from meters to yards
multiply by 1.1

(i.e. 5 meters x 1.1 = 5.5 yards)

from yards of fabric to square feet of leather for col x18

(i.e. 5.5 yards x 18 = 99 square feet)

c.o.l. (customers own leather) is always specified by the square foot.

c.o.m. (customers own fabric) is always specified by the yard.

lbs. to kilograms multiply by .4536

(i.e. 25 lbs x .4536 = 11.34 kilograms)

kilograms to pounds multiply by 2.2046

(i.e. 25 klgs. x 2.2046 = 55.11 lbs.)

For Area Rugs

1 square foot of cut pile = approx. 1 lbs. in weight

for cost per square foot multiply length x width to get total area of square feet and then multiply by price per square foot.

(i.e. 6'x 8' = 48 square feet
48 sq. ft. x $80 per square foot = $3,840)

standard bed sizes
     twin = 38" wide x 75" long
     full = 53" wide x 75" long
     queen = 60" wide x 80" long
     king = 76" wide x 80" long